Send your location to your loved ones and 9-1-1 even if you don’t know where you are or can’t speak.


A text message notifies up to 5 pre-selected emergency contacts that you're requesting help.


Use the invisaWear app to connect with the correct 9-1-1 dispatchers and to send them your location.


Share personal information like your photo with dispatchers to aid in responding to your emergency.


Why Invisawear?

invisaWear is attractive and smart jewelry which instantly sends your location to emergency dispatchers and loved ones during an emergency.

We designed invisaWear to be discreet and to easily fit into your everyday life. The charm containing the technology is small, stylish and can be used in a variety of ways including a necklace, bracelet, choker, keychain, simply clipped to your bag or purse on any major brand of jewelry.

what is rapid sos?

invisaWear is powered by RapidSOS which allows us to share enhanced location and data with 911. 

Our proprietary patent-pending technology is powered by RapidSOS. This allows you to share your name and location with any 9-1-1 dispatch center in the United States immediately, even if you don’t know where you are anywhere in the world.

Simple setup

Step 1

Install the invisaWear app


Choose emergency contacts


Pair with your jewelry 


We hope you never have to use invisaWear, but if you do, just double click the charm on your invisaWear accessory & 911 will be immediately alerted with your location & account information


The double click will also alert your 5 personal contacts sharing your location and emergency status via text message  

invisaWear accessories are designed with just the right amount of pressure to make double clicking the device with one hand a breeze, but not so easy that you accidentally trigger an alert. We achieved this by precisely tuning the amount of pressure needed to activate invisaWear and using a two press system.

A rapid double click is required in order to initiate an alert. Additionally, the button actuation point is designed so that a substantial amount of pressure is required to press the button.

In the very rare case that you do accidentally activate an alert, that’s okay! Simply open your companion app within 30 seconds to notify your contacts & the police that you’ve canceled the alert. A 911 dispatcher may need your verbal confirmation that you don’t actually need help.


just in case . . .

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