Frequently Asked Questions

If you have the optional and free auto-contact 9-1-1 feature enabled, when you double press your invisaWear, it will send an automated phone call to your emergency contacts prompting them to press 1 to connect via voice with 911 dispatchers near your location. The 911 dispatcher will be able to view your location on their screen.
Your emergency contacts will receive a text message letting them know you initiated an emergency alert and will receive a link with your GPS location. If you have the free and optional contact 911 feature enabled, your emergency contacts will be connected via a phone call with the nearest 911 dispatcher closest to you at the time of the emergency.
Yes. The invisaWear component uses a Bluetooth connection with a paired smartphone that is within 30 feet.
No! We did not want to burden you with yet another accessory you have to remember to charge. The invisaWear component has a 1 year lifetime. After 1 year, we’ll send you a notification on the companion app to purchase a replacement component at a discount!
For all you clumsies out there, no need to worry. invisaWear is designed just for you! A quick double button press is required in order to initiate an alert. Additionally, the button actuation point is designed so that a substantial amount of pressure is required to press the button.

In the very rare case that you do accidentally activate an alert, that’s okay! Simply open your mobile app within 30 seconds to notify your contacts & the police that you’ve cancelled the alert. A 911 dispatcher may need your verbal confirmation that you don’t actually need help.

Absolutely! We recognize that many people feel uncomfortable when they are traveling in areas they aren’t familiar with. That’s why we designed invisaWear to work in over 200 countries. This is contingent upon your phone having cellular data available.

After purchasing an invisaWear, you need to install the free invisaWear app onto your smartphone. The app allows you to select a group of up to 5 contacts who you would like to be notified during an emergency.

Yes of course! Anytime you’d like to switch your emergency contacts, simply open the companion app to update your list.

Nope. No monthly payments are necessary. We want to make sure you always can always get help without breaking the bank. Note that message and data rates may apply.

Please be aware that your invisaWear component has a battery designed to last at least one year. The app will notify you when your battery is running low and that your invisaWear component will need to be replaced. Replacement components are offered at a discount!

Yes, but only to ensure the fastest possible response time during an emergency.
  • College students interested in fashion
  • Runners active in rural areas
  • Professionals working late night shifts or alone
  • Seniors who don’t want to wear a bulky panic button
  • Anyone interested in wearable technology
  • So many more!
Absolutely! We encourage users to test the system to make sure the setup was properly completed and that they know exactly what to expect during an emergency. Using the “Test Alert” feature in our companion app allows you and your emergency contacts to safely test the emergency notification system.
    • Smartphones running Android™ version 4.4+
    • iPhone® models running iOS 9.0+
    • invisaWear uses Bluetooth Low Energy technology, more specifically Bluetooth 4.2, to optimize device battery life as well as phone battery life.
    • All iPhone versions 4s and above are compatible with Bluetooth Low Energy technology.
    • Not sure if your Android phone is compatible? Go to the Google Play Store and install the free app “BLE Checker” on your Android device to run a quick check!