So it’s almost summer and you still haven’t secured that internship. No worries, we’ve got you covered with some tips on landing that summer internship. 

Get an early start: Believe it or not, many companies are recruiting interns a full year in advance! But don’t panic, small companies wait until the spring to hire interns so there should still be some awesome opportunities out there, you’ll just have to seek them out. 

Perfect your resume and cover letter: Tailoring your resume and cover letter specifically for each internship you are applying for is key. Make sure you are mentioning past experience that is relevant to the internship you’re applying for. 

Use every resource available: Every college has a career development office with counselors available to help you land an internship. Also, internship boards are a great tool to help you land that internship or entry-level job. 

Network, network, network: Be sure to voice your desire of finding an internship with family and friends as well as post to your social media pages. Also, ask your parents to network for you - you never know, a friend of a friend could help land the internship of your dreams. 


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