Back-to-School Safety Tips and Essentials!

Back-to-School Safety Tips and Essentials! - invisaWear®

Nearly 20 million students will head off to college this fall and many may not be aware of the danger they could face if they are not prepared. Although campus safety is always a priority of any college, students need to be proactive when it comes to their own safety on and off campus.

Here are a few tips and essentials for staying safe when heading back to college this fall:

Back-to-School: College Safety

Back-to-School: College Safety - invisaWear® Blog

College can, at times, be overwhelming. From the social and academic demands to figuring out your career path, your college years, although transformative, can also feel very frustrating. To be able to focus on all things college related, every student should feel safe while on campus but, many times, that’s not the case.

The most prevalent crime on campus is sexual violence according to RAINN, an advocacy group that fights sexual violence nationwide. So how do you stay safe when heading back to school? Here are some tips:

Back-to-School: College Essentials

Back-to-School: College Essentials - invisaWear® Blog

After July 4th it seems like the rest of summer rushes by! So, although, we know you’re not looking forward to going back-to-school, we have come up with a list of some college essentials that are a must have when heading back to campus this fall. 

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