Realtor Safety Awareness Tips

Realtor Safety Awareness Tips - invisaWear® Blog

The Beverly Carter Foundation was created as a result of the senseless kidnapping and murder of real estate broker Beverly Carter. Beverly was targeted because she was perceived to be a “rich broker who worked alone.” The Beverly Carter Foundation (BCF) is a completely independent not-for-profit foundation dedicated to the ideal that every agent goes home safe every day by providing scientifically based research, information, consulting, training, and support at little to no charge to every MLS, association, brokerage, and agent. In honor of Realtor Safety Month we’ve partnered with the Beverly Carter Foundation to share their top safety tips for agents!

Beverly Carter's Story


Beverly Carter's Story - invisaWear® Blog


Thursday, September 25, 2014 was an exceptionally beautiful, fall-like day. For Beverly, it started as a great day. Not only was it a busy day in the office, but Beverly had even won $50 in an office competition.

Around 5:15 that evening, her day began to wind down. Beverly called Carl, her husband of almost 35 years, to let him know that she had one last 6:00 appointment. She told him she was going to end her day by showing a house to a couple and then pick up dinner on her way home.

What Beverly didn’t know was that her clients – a man and a woman who had identified themselves as a relocating, married couple – weren’t looking to buy a home. They had a sinister plot in mind to use Beverly to get quick cash.

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