invisaWear® Spotlight: Mandy Grayum

We receive messages all the time from our customers about how invisaWear gives them peace of mind and how thankful they are for the added layer of security. We're casting a spotlight on some of our invisaWear customers through our invisaWear{ER} series. The series will share some of our customer's personal stories with the hope that they might help others going through a similar situation. Recently invisaWear customer, Mandy Grayum, detailed a touching story about an abusive relationship she was in. We are so thankful that invisaWear is giving Mandy an added sense of security. 

"He pushed me into the bedroom, picked me up, and threw onto the bed. He jumped on top of me and I immediately felt my heart sink thinking I was about to be violated against my will. It wouldn’t have been the first time. There was a bit of a struggle and then he screamed that I was making him do this. Thankfully he jumped off of me. He pulled me up and left the room and came back in with a six inch butcher knife. He put it in my face and told me again that this was my fault. That I was making him do this. He then stabbed the door next to my head and started pacing the apartment muttering about how much of a tease I was and telling me it was all my fault. He eventually went outside and I quickly locked all of the doors and called the police.

The story above was just a small part of the things I endured from an ex-boyfriend. And that was after we had broke up... and after he broke into my house. I was terrified and I feared for my life. Things had escalated more and more in the relationship so much, that I honestly thought that that was it. That my time had come. I thank the Lord that it wasn’t worse.

Fast forward to years later and I am married to the most amazing man who treats me like a queen! This last Christmas he got me the most awesome gift. He knows my history and he wanted me to feel as safe as possible at all times. He got me this beautiful necklace, that with a quick two squeezes, it will text up to five emergency contacts letting them know my location and that I am in trouble. It will ask them to call 911 for me and will even connect them to the nearest emergency operators. It’s a nice security feature and helps me feel a bit more at ease. Thank you so much to the creators and designers of invisaWear. Thanks to you, so many people will walk the streets feeling much safer than before. I wish I had this years ago, but am so grateful to have it now!

" - Mandy Grayum, invisaWear{ER}

Are you, or is someone you know, in an abusive relationship? Get help. Call The National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-SAFE (7233)
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