With the back-to-school season in full swing many parents are experiencing a hectic schedule full of back to school shopping, school open houses and meetings, schedule pick-ups and coordinating extracurricular activities for the new school year. So many parents, themselves, experience anxiety about sending their children off to school and are concerned about their loved ones safety while in school. We’re sharing some tips, for parents, about school safety that will hopefully help relieve some of that anxiety and also, help them educate their children about school safety. 

  • Nobody likes a tattle tale but in this day and age all parents should instill in their children that if they see something that they feel is wrong or if someone’s actions are simply “not right” they should say something to a teacher or another adult. Teach your children “if you see something, say something” so they’ll know it’s ok to speak up if they feel something isn’t right. 
  • Review your family emergency plan as well as the school’s emergency plan with your children so they know who is authorized to pick them up, emergency contact information such as names and phone numbers and what to do in the event of a school emergency. 
  • Have an open dialogue with your children about safety and let them know they can always come to you and talk if they ever feel unsafe. 
  • Get involved and speak with school authorities about ways you can help to increase school safety. 
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