I'm sure many of you heard about the sad story out of South Carolina this past weekend. A college student, Samantha Josephson's body was found dead after she got into the wrong car which she mistakenly thought was her Uber. Deeply saddened by this tragedy, our CEO, Rajia Abdelaziz released the following message:

"Every time I hear a story like this I can't help but feel extremely sad and heart broken. I start to think if it's our fault or if there was something we could have done better to make sure more people know our products exist. I think about the scary experience I had when a car full of guys followed me and one of them started to get out. I realize how lucky I was and how the outcome could have easily been the same. We pour our hearts and souls into invisaWear nearly 7 days a week every week because we want to put an end to stories like this. Yet every time a tragedy like this happens it feels like we failed. It shows us that there is still so much more we need to do and to accomplish. Today our hearts are broken. We can't wait for the day that you hear a scary situation like this happened and that the person was caught and prosecuted before the victim was hurt. We can't wait until the day a person says they didn't commit a crime because they worried that the person they were going to attack was wearing an invisaWear." 

Rajia Abdelaziz, Co-Founder & CEO 

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