A Car Crash We'll Never Forget

It was a casual Friday morning when Jenelle Valdina was simply driving in her car on her way to work. Suddenly Jenelle lost control of her car as it went over a patch of black ice and spun out into the guardrail on the side of the highway. Her legs were severely injured as she lay on the ground in excruciating pain. Thankfully witnesses nearby had stopped to make sure she was okay, but to their surprise they could not get a signal on their phone to call 9-1-1. 

"Please God, don't die" Jenelle thought to herself as she lay there realizing her phone was nowhere to be found in the crash. Somehow, the invisaWear keychain her aunt got for her just 2 weeks prior ended up lying on the ground next to her. She grabbed the keychain and continued to press the button over and over again, hoping and praying that it would work when her life depended on it. 

Meanwhile on this casual Friday morning, 5 of Jenelle's close relatives suddenly received an alarming text message and phone call that Jenelle needed help. Their first instinct was to call/text Jenelle to make sure this wasn't a false alarm. It started to sink in that this could be real when Jenelle wasn't responding and they kept receiving more emergency alerts. Luckily protective parenting instincts kicked in for Jenelle's dad who clicked on her location to find it was only 10 minutes away and immediately started driving. Minutes later an ambulance and police cruiser showed up at the scene followed by Jenelle's dad. During probably one of the scariest moments of her life Jenelle knew that she was going to be okay the minute she saw her dad. Luckily Jenelle will make a full recovery but has had to go through emergency surgery and a lengthy physical therapy process. 

The fact that her phone was nowhere to be found... Nobody nearby could get a signal to call 9-1-1... Her keychain somehow ended up on the ground next to her... Her aunt gave her the keychain as a gift only 2 weeks prior... Her dad was just 10 minutes away and drove straight there just in time for the first responders... I still get chills thinking about this story and I'm so thankful Jenelle is going to be okay. Words cannot describe how it feels after dedicating countless hours over the past several years on a product that has helped make such an impact on someone's life. This is just one example of how our product was designed to help save lives, and we will continue to devote ourselves to our mission to protect people and their loved ones. 

Feel free to check out the whole story here - https://www.wcvb.com/article/panic-button-jewelry-helps-save-local-woman-s-life/26596255

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